Canon has announced a brand new product called the Photo Culling Plugin. It’s an intelligent AI assistant for Adobe Lightroom Classic that helps you save time during post-processing by intelligently selecting the best shots for you out of a large set of photos.

The plugin is powered by the Canon Computer Vision AI engine and uses technical models to select photos based on a number of criteria: sharpness, noise, exposure, contrast, closed eyes, and red eyes. These “technical models” have customizable settings to give you some ability to control the process.

Once the plugin analyzes your photos, it’ll use different coloured flags to give you a visual indication of what it determined about them.

Anyone who is either an advanced or even a professional photographer knows the pain and misery of coming back to the computer after a photoshoot, and having to sort and cull thousands of photos as part of the photo editing process… this is something that can easily eat up a person’s day or two for every day’s work just doing the culling, let alone actual editing. It’s not something that’s enjoyable, and it’s time that can be spent being out and about the shooting, spending time with family, earning money or whatever else is on your list.

Well, no more, as Canon has released a new AI-driven Adobe Lightroom Classic plug-in that can actually do all of the culling work for you, based upon various technical criteria, such as sharpness, noise, exposure, contrast, closed eyes, and red eyes, which you can adjust based upon your preferences. The plugin, driven by the Canon Computer Vision AI engine, can go through your photos, and using multi-colour flags, identify which photos are the best, technically. You will still have to go through them to see which ones are the best in terms of style and technique, but you don’t have to worry about photos that are unusable for various technical issues.

Naturally, you will require an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and the app itself will be available exclusively on the Adobe Exchange App Marketplace for a monthly subscription, the price of which Canon hasn’t announced yet.

As noted by TechRadar, this appears to be a big push on the part of Canon to emphasize a line of business it had traditionally neglected; software. Per an interview with Mike Burnhill, Canon Europe’s Professional Imaging Product Specialist, Canon has admitted that software “is an area we’ve neglected in the past” and promised that new Canon Cloud Processing, which will soon be available in Beta with its DPP (Digital Photo Professional) software, is “a vision of where Canon is going” and is “showing how Canon is changing”.

At the same time, Canon has shown off a preview of its new Canon Cloud Processing system for Raw image files. The software in its current beta form is basically cloud-based noise reduction; Canon demoed to TechRadar a side-by-side image comparison, one showing a photo shot at ISO 51,200, and another after it had been automatically processed by its cloud system. The results showed a clear improvement in details and texture. Canon has not released when that piece of software will be released.

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